Reasons to Pressure Wash Your Roof

Without a doubt, your roof is one of the most crucial areas of your house. It’s your primary line of defense against harsh weather conditions and other external elements. Aside from that, it also plays an aesthetic role since it’s one of the first areas of your house that is easily noticeable by people. That’s why it is vital to protect your roof. 

It’s crucial to guarantee that your roof is maintained in great shape. This will help you protect your property and well-being. One of the ideal ways to guarantee that your roof is in good condition and properly maintained is by roof pressure washing.  

Mildew, lichens, debris, moss, and algae are the major enemies of your roof. They have a tendency to cause severe damages. Expert pressure washing Boynton Beach FL ensures that your roof does not obtain damage. Here are a couple of reasons why you should pressure wash your roof: 

Boost Your Home’s Health 

The algae and mold growth on the roof might find its way into your house and into the AC unit. This causes health risks such as allergies. Your family’s health should be the main priority. Expert roof pressure washing helps to keep your house algae and mold-free. This encourages healthy living conditions within the house.  

Boosts Energy Efficiency 

You need to be wary of the fact that the roof’s color plays a huge role in your home’s energy efficiency. Your roof will absorb more heat if it has darker color. Your roof will not be able to reflect the heat effectively from the sun if it is covered with algae and mold, stained, and dirty. This means that more power will be consumed to keep your house cool. This leads to higher utility bills.  

It Improves Your Roof’s Lifespan 

Aside from causing aesthetic problems, the accumulation of elements can also compromise the roof’s integrity. Algae and mold tend to deteriorate roof shingles. Aside from that, it can also lead to wood rot. Furthermore, they leave the roof susceptible to water damage. Typically, asphalt shingle roofs have a lifespan of around 20 years. But, these elements can shorten the lifespan of up to 10 years. Without a doubt, this causes financial losses and you do not get the worth of your investment. Pressure washing the roof drastically helps in improving your roof’s life.  

It Enhances Curb Appeal 

Perhaps this is the most obvious advantage of having your roof washed professionally. For those who don’t know, your roof accounts for 35% of the overall curb appeal of your property. The accumulation of black stains, algae, moss, mold, and dirt makes the roof unappealing. It negatively reflects on the care of your house. One of the first things that possible buyers will pay attention to when checking your property is the roof. A roof that’s poorly maintained will certainly put them off. Thus, they’ll pass on purchasing your house.  

If you do not want to get embarrassed, you should save yourself the trouble and hire a professional pressure washing company.  

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When to Replace or Repair Your Commercial Paving

It’s vital to maintain your asphalt paving, both for your bottom line and for the image of your business. Small issues can further deteriorate if left alone. Thus, it quickly comes to require expensive and extensive repairs. If it’s worse, it might require a complete replacement.  

Here are a couple of signs that your asphalt paving Macon GA requires professional attention: 

Faded Surface 

It means that your pavement’s surface has been damaged by exposure to chemicals and UV rays if it goes from deep black to pale grey. Scheduling routine seal coating applications is one way to prevent this problem. But, it is time to have the entire structure resurfaced if you notice the coatings are not effective anymore.  

Pooling Water 

It means that the surface is not level probably if water tends to create puddles on the pavement. If this is ignored, water will eventually cause severe structural damage by leaking through the pavement and compromising the foundation. This makes the paving more prone to other types of damages. But, it does not mean you’ve got to replace the entire thing. Oftentimes, it is enough to simply improve drainage to divert the water from the pavement.  


Aside from being an eyesore, potholes are also a safety risk. Usually, they are caused by water leaking under the pavement, just like cracks. It expands and displaces the soil when it freezes. This leaves a void when the spring season arrives. Paving above the soil can break down. This leads to a hole.  

Every year, you should repair potholes. It can mean that the foundation is compromised and requires replacement if you notice potholes across the pavement. 


It is completely normal for the pavement to crack. This is particularly true in places that have freeze-thaw cycles in spring and winter. Water produces cracks and makes old ones worse if it leaks into the pavement and freezes. Any amount of cracking is grounds for intervention. However, the correct method varies on the condition.  

  • If you’ve got alligator cracks, it will indicate that the whole surface has to be replaced due to foundational damage. Alligator cracks are huge networks of cracks that look like the scaly skin of an alligator.  
  • Small cracks can be repaired by hiring a professional before they become worse.  

Longitudinal Cracking 

These are cracks that are parallel to the laydown or centerline of the pavement. It can be a result of poor joint construction, reflective cracking, pavement fatigue, and much more. In general, joints are the least dense areas of pavement.  

To avoid moisture from entering into the subgrade, you should seal the cracks. This is particularly true if the crack is minor and measures around ½ inch or less. On the other hand, more serious cracks have to be repaired by getting rid of the cracked pavement layer and replacing it with an overlay.  

When it comes to fixing your asphalt paving, it is ideal to hire a professional. This will help avoid further issues in the future.  

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Indications of a Deteriorating Paving

Frequent use and sunlight can turn your pavement from black to gray over time. This process is known as oxidation. Older asphalt pavement is more prone to cracking because of its increasing brittleness. To prevent further damage to your asphalt paving, routine seal coating, and professional asphalt crack filling is required.  

Here are a couple of indications that you’ve got to hire a professional Paving Woodstock GA to fix your asphalt paving: 

Crumbling Edges 

Roads and parking lots that aren’t protected on their edge with concrete curbs or gutters can experience crumbling edges. These edges that are deteriorating can leave debris and break apart.  

Crumbling edges typically need removal and replacement of the affected area.  


Usually, undermining happens when an underground pipe has slipped or cracked its joint. In addition to that, an underground pipe often comes loose from the drainage structure. The crack starts to enable the soils above it to enter into the pipe when this happens. If you ignore it, it will undermine the asphalt surface above.  

A contractor can often dig down on the issue. They can repair it and replace the damaged asphalt and base if the issue is small. 


Chemicals can deteriorate the binding agents used in asphalt. This is particularly true when it comes to industrial solvents and car fluids. Talk to a professional if you see a chemical stain or spill. 

If you neglect it, the spill will keep on sinking into the pavement and expand outward.  


Asphalt pavement sits on a compacted base or crushed stone. You might notice sinking if the base starts to erode. This is particularly true near buildings and other structures, such as carports.  

Oftentimes, sinking shows that your downspouts are depositing water too close to the structure. This increases the impact on the pavement under it. you might require gutter repair aside from asphalt services.  

Growing Cracks 

A couple of pavement cracks don’t require immediate repair. But, contact paving experts for a professional examination if you see a crack that’s quickly widening. Filling these cracks, also known as asphalt patching, can improve the lifespan of your pavement. This is especially true if it is done early on. To prevent water and other contaminants from entering the subgrade, you can apply a crack filler to the smaller cracks. This causes severe problems in the future.  

Drainage Problems 

One of the worse threats to the healthy pavement is lingering moisture. The reason for this is that it can leak between layers and affect the binding agents. Consult with a professional paving company if you see puddles in the driveway or parking lot. Leveling these issues lowers the risk of potholes, cracks, and other damage.  

Alligator Cracks 

The shallow surface defects that sometimes span a huge part of pavement are called alligator cracks. These cracks might resemble an alligator’s skin or a web. Alligator cracks can often be fixed by complete depth patching. This depends on the condition. On other occasions, if the asphalt has failed in a bigger area, it might be time for a complete depth replacement.  

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