Frequent use and sunlight can turn your pavement from black to gray over time. This process is known as oxidation. Older asphalt pavement is more prone to cracking because of its increasing brittleness. To prevent further damage to your asphalt paving, routine seal coating, and professional asphalt crack filling is required.  

Here are a couple of indications that you’ve got to hire a professional Paving Woodstock GA to fix your asphalt paving: 

Crumbling Edges 

Roads and parking lots that aren’t protected on their edge with concrete curbs or gutters can experience crumbling edges. These edges that are deteriorating can leave debris and break apart.  

Crumbling edges typically need removal and replacement of the affected area.  


Usually, undermining happens when an underground pipe has slipped or cracked its joint. In addition to that, an underground pipe often comes loose from the drainage structure. The crack starts to enable the soils above it to enter into the pipe when this happens. If you ignore it, it will undermine the asphalt surface above.  

A contractor can often dig down on the issue. They can repair it and replace the damaged asphalt and base if the issue is small. 


Chemicals can deteriorate the binding agents used in asphalt. This is particularly true when it comes to industrial solvents and car fluids. Talk to a professional if you see a chemical stain or spill. 

If you neglect it, the spill will keep on sinking into the pavement and expand outward.  


Asphalt pavement sits on a compacted base or crushed stone. You might notice sinking if the base starts to erode. This is particularly true near buildings and other structures, such as carports.  

Oftentimes, sinking shows that your downspouts are depositing water too close to the structure. This increases the impact on the pavement under it. you might require gutter repair aside from asphalt services.  

Growing Cracks 

A couple of pavement cracks don’t require immediate repair. But, contact paving experts for a professional examination if you see a crack that’s quickly widening. Filling these cracks, also known as asphalt patching, can improve the lifespan of your pavement. This is especially true if it is done early on. To prevent water and other contaminants from entering the subgrade, you can apply a crack filler to the smaller cracks. This causes severe problems in the future.  

Drainage Problems 

One of the worse threats to the healthy pavement is lingering moisture. The reason for this is that it can leak between layers and affect the binding agents. Consult with a professional paving company if you see puddles in the driveway or parking lot. Leveling these issues lowers the risk of potholes, cracks, and other damage.  

Alligator Cracks 

The shallow surface defects that sometimes span a huge part of pavement are called alligator cracks. These cracks might resemble an alligator’s skin or a web. Alligator cracks can often be fixed by complete depth patching. This depends on the condition. On other occasions, if the asphalt has failed in a bigger area, it might be time for a complete depth replacement.