Is your place safe from rodents and whatnot? Please, think again. Take the case of rats (or rodents). In recent years, their population have skyrocketed in Canada.  The culprit behind this rat boom might be the longer summers. They love warm spaces. It can also be the milder winters.

In addition, rats aren’t only your problem. There are other pests that can potentially bring harm and worse can mar workflow of employees. In effect, this will negatively affect profitability. To avoid harm, pest control Santa Rosa is a must. It is a necessity to keep your business running.

Check out these four business establishments that seem to be the thriving places of these not-so-welcomed creatures. See if your place happens to be one (and if it’s really included, we strongly advise you to get a pest control company).


A type of business that we can immediately associate with the need for pest control is a restaurant. It’s a perfect hotbed for these destructive insects and animals. The place can attract everything- from cockroaches; to rats; to flies. Name it, they all have the capacity to cripple the place.
Not even a well-maintained restaurant can escape from having pests. Meticulous cleaning habits do not assure zero cockroaches. A restaurant’s trash bins and bags can still attract pests. This leads to a high possibility of them reaching the restaurant itself, and it’s gross. For all of these reasons, a restaurant should have a definite schedule of pest control. This ensures safety and cleanliness.


Hotels are perfect places for pest infestation (even wasps can be present in such places). The place combines the best of two worlds- the kitchen with all of its attractive food preparations; and the bedroom with its comfortable and warm environment.

Hotels earn by entertaining guests through their facilities that uphold habitable standards. If they want to keep guests coming in, they have to make sure that the whole hotel itself is maintained regularly; this includes scheduled Santa Rosa exterminator.

Convenience Stores

Newsflash for all convenience store owners, your place is considered to be a buffet site to pests. They can devour all of the available food stuff for all they want.

As we all know, most convenience stores pop up in residential areas where there is an immediate need for home and food items. In addition to the goods inside these stores, pests also lurk in residences. Talk about hitting two birds in one stone.

Budget constraint is the big problem of conveniences stores when it comes to eliminating pests. Although it has intimidating prices, store owners should hire pest controllers. In that way, they can still keep their business and serve the nearby residents.